It's time to make robots smart!

Fiction has promised us intelligent robotic helpers. Where are they? Thanks to improvements on both the perception and action sides, intelligent behaviours are finally within reach. The time for SMRTRobots is now!



SMART Behaviours.

SMRTRobots aims to enable intelligent behaviours in a variety of robotic platforms. From highly complex, state-of-the-art humanoids to simpler mobile robots. The main focus is on the integration of the perception side with the actions the robots can perform. This allows the robots to make SMRT decisions and act more autonomous!

SMRTRobots? Smart Robots!

SMRTRobots is a robotics startup developing robots that are smart. It's main focus is on the development of software tools and frameworks for improved perception and action skills. A novel integrated approach leads to intelligent behaviours, increased adaptiveness and greater autonomy.


Juxi Leitner

Juxi Leitner

Founder | Contact Point

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